Not Half Bad produce award-winning short films, creative music videos, and memorable wedding videos.

Featured Creative Work

'Heck' Dirty Smoky, 2017

A music video that looks at some of the most beautiful moments in life and flips them on their head. If you like some dark humour then give this one a watch! You'll never guess what happens to the puppy...
It was filmed over a weekend covering five separate locations and an ensemble cast including each of the band members and our very own Dylan Hornsby.
SPOILER: His character is killed off...


Created for the Melbourne 48 Hour Film Project, we were required to meet the criteria of including a prop (lightbulb), a character (Harry or Holly Holmes, a hairdresser) and a line of dialogue (I've never seen anything like it it). Additionally, our team was required to use one of two drawn genres, drama and music film, of which we choose the latter.

Like the busker, all of us struggling creatives have dreams of being more than we are and living the high life. We have all struggled to get recognition and some sort of a paycheck for our work but hopefully this film can inspire some optimism for our friends: this one is for you!

Winner of Audience Choice Award at the 48 Hour Film Project Melbourne 2017

The fold, 2014

Winner of the Best Film, Best Visuals and Best Sound at Deakin's Filmly 72 Hour Film Festival 2014. The Fold follows the story of a couple who after a deceitful discovery are left searching for more in today's world of online dating.

Matt & Soph's Wedding, 2015

Shot and edited on New Years Eve 2015 - this was one of fastest turn arounds of a video that we have ever had. Our clients had wanted to have a recap video of the wedding during the festive reception and we accepted the challenge leaving many guests in joyful tears. Congratulations Matt and Sophie!

Room & Board, Coming SOon

'Room and Board' is an original Australian made for television mockumentary series. It centres around five university students who are offered free room and board if they allow a cameracrew to follow them around 24/7.

Starring Nelson Gardner, Scott Middleton, Jack Walsh, Stephanie Danielides, Lucinda Burney and Libby Brockman.

Additional Creative Work

Dessert P*rn, 2017



Leaving, 2017

Short Film

Alice & Dave's Wedding, 2017

Wedding Video

Joel & Ash's Wedding, 2015

Wedding Video

Cocktail video BTS, 2017

VFX Breakdown

City of Melbourne Mock Experience, 2015

Proof of Concept

Nineteen95, 2014

Short Film

The Part, 2016

Short Film

Flux / Fluid, 2015

Dance Video