We are Not Half Bad


Our studies at Deakin University lead to us a serendipitous encounter where we soon discovered a shared passion for filmmaking. Today, we have worked together on countless projects producing incredible creative work. We have spent so much time together that we have a habit of finishing each other’s… projects. In all seriousness, we have developed some form of telepathy that means we are always in-sync and riding the same wavelength.

Like the famed dynamic duo, we work together to solve your creative problems. We believe in the power that video can deliver and we have made it our job to ensure that you can access it too. Not Half Bad is a well oiled, slick and skilled team that can’t wait to bring you funny, engaging and dazzling content.



LIAM Gordes

Creative Director

Liam has been working professionally in the industry since 2010. Boasting a Bachelor of Film and Digital Media from Deakin University, Liam has done everything from directing short films, commercials and music videos to making coffee for the other guy directing the music videos. As the Creative Director Liam’s passion lies in creative story telling, applying that passion to every aspect of your project.

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DYLAN Hornsby

Creative Producer

Dylan has been working in the creative media industry since 2011, having been involved in short films, corporate videos, web series, social media campaigns, and more. He has completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Commerce studying in the fields of Film, Marketing, Digital Media and Communications. As the Creative Producer, Dylan liaisons with clients to bring their concepts to creative fruition but also possess the technical skills to operate a camera and edit a final product.

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Broderick Gordes

Creative Consultant

Broderick’s passion for film, TV and digital media have led him down many creative paths, including writing, directing and assistant directing a number of web-series and short films, as well as various roles on promotional and music video shoots. As a Creative Consultant, Brod is able to bring his skills to jobs that need a little extra polish and care, and enjoys solving creative problems in order to produce the best possible product for colleagues and clients.